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Turinabol Androgenic-anabolic steroids are chemical substances manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry that duplicate or mimic the natural male sex hormones. Because of their androgenic and anabolic properties, athletes and their trainers have become aware of their existence. In fact, it would be highly unusual to find someone involved in athletics who is unaware of steroids, or who has not considered their use as a method of increasing muscle size and strength.

The pressure on athletes to succeed in today's society is quite great ; we have become a "win at all cost" society, which demands superhuman effort. Many athletes have decided that steroids are their answer to greatness, and most of all “Winning”.

However, medical and sports authorities have condemned their use in athletics, and, in fact, steroids have been outlawed by most sports associations.
This condemnation has forced athletes to purchase steroids illegally, at sometimes-exorbitant prices, with little more than rumor, gossip or just plain misinformation as a guide for their use.
The potential for steroid abuse is therefore greatly expanded due to self-administration and haphazard dosage based on hearsay.

However, athletes will continue to use Turinabol and abuse the steroids in their quest for success, because they know they work despite the claims of many medical and sports authorities.

It is for this reason the athletic community and medical authorities should take a constructive attitude of factually apprising the athlete of the advantages and disadvantages of steroid use. The authors feel the physician (a highly trained professional) should become an active member of this group and educate athletic trainers, coaches and athletes when approached on their use.

Due to the relative scarcity of studies done ontrained athletes, the authors will also provide years of personal and observed experience on steroid use.

The reason for the issue of this book is the way Steroid information has been disseminated. Many lives have been ruined by misinformation. buy clenbuterol uk site Journalists have become the experts in the field rather

than Doctors, Biochemists and Physiologists. The glut of “How To” books that have been published by so called authorities, that have no idea what a Perhydrocyclopentanophenanthrene ring is, what the chemical structure of Turinabol Steroids is, and even their proper medical usage.

This information will provide a guide by which a physician can hopefully provide his athlete-patient with some factual evidence on anabolic steroid use, as well as provide guidelines for their safe and effective use. Let us learn.

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